Falcon 9 Static Fires For CRS-12

NOTE: Image is of a previous Static Fire Of Falcon 9.

After a month of down time due to Range Maintenance, a brand-new Falcon 9 lit it’s engines at Pad 39A this morning in preparation for launch on August 14 at 12:31pm ET or 16:31pm UTC. This mission will carry SpaceX’s twelfth Cargo Resupply Services (CRS) Mission  to the International Space Station.

If the launch goes as planned on Monday, Dragon will arrive at the ISS on Wednesday, August 16 at around 7am ET (11am UTC), and will be installed onto the Harmony module at 8:30am ET.

This will be the last new Dragon V1 to fly as all following flights will fly with Dragons which debuted on previous missions.

Static Fire

Falcon rolled out to Launch Complex 39A late-Wednesday evening, and went vertical around 5 hours later. Then, at around 8:30 Local Time, propellants consisting of Rocket Propellant-1 (RP-1) and Liquid Oxygen (LOX) were loaded onto the vehicle.

At 9:10am ET, 70 minutes after the opening of the window, Falcon 9 ignited the 9 Merlin 1D engines on the base of its First Stage for 3.5 seconds, conducted a series of health checks and then shut down.

Next, Falcon will be taken to horizontal and rolled back to the Horizontal Integration Facility where Dragon will be integrated to the top of the Second Stage. The vehicle will then be rolled back out to the pad and time sensitive cargo will be loaded into Dragon, before Falcon is once again raised to vertical for launch.

Next Up

On Sunday, August 13th at 2pm ET,  A Prelaunch News Conference will be held, broadcasted live on NASA TV, followed shortly after by the “What’s On Board” Science Briefing.

NASA TV Launch Coverage for CRS-12 will begin at 12pm ET (4pm UTC) and begin on SpaceX’s Website around 10-Minutes before launch.

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